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  • Centre Spécialisé de Leadership (CSL)

    Founded in October 2005, CS-Consulting is a Business Development Center specializing in training, capacity building and business consulting.  Designed to equip executives in their journey of personal development and organizational effectiveness, CSL accompanies private sector leaders and non-profit organizations to improve their competitiveness through targeted and specialized technical assistance. 
    The CSL team is comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive business development and coaching experience, with over 15 years’ experience each their areas of specific expertise. CSL’s mission is to equip business leaders with tools that guarantee their effectiveness in all the spheres of their organization through technical assistance leading to continual improvement of quality and competitiveness of Small & Medium Enterprises (SME).

  • Centre de Facilitation des Investissements (CFI)

    The Centre de Facilitation des Investissements (CFI) was created by presidential decree on No.13 of January 31, 2006. Its sole purpose is to attract investors. CFI is a public and private sector partnership in response to the need to simplify regulations and procedures in order to increase economic activities.  The CFI is designed to provide reliable information whether legal, economical and regulatory relevant to project investment.  The CFI receives requests directly from the investor or its professional advisor for the creation of company, investment incentives requests, applications for admission into the free zones and other needs related to the promotion of investments in-country.  It facilitates the process for investors, working with public sector agencies and administrative entities, to ensure appropriate follow-up and prompt consideration of relevant business issues, and maintains constant liaison with the investor or its  representatives.  It also provides consulting services for investors and entrepreneurs on all matters relating to investments in country, including creating linkages between investors and businesses. Its key goals are:
    1. To promote and support investments growth
    2. To concretize business opportunities
    3. To expedite administrative procedures for new and existing business
    4. To provide technical advice to local business and foreign investors facilisis


    USAID has been on the ground in Haiti and working to help the people of Haiti improve their social and economic wellbeing for almost 50 years.   Since 2010, the U.S. Government  has increased its assistance to Haiti, committing to a long-term partnership to help the nation recover and rebuild.  USAID is the funding partner on the “Leveraging Effective Application of Direct Investments” program, focusing on private sector investments and Diaspora engagements in local economic development opportunities.

  • Association des Industries d’Haïti

    ADIH is a non-profit business support organization whose mission is to promote and develop the manufacturing sector in Haiti.  Founded in 1980 by a group of young and visionary entrepreneurs, it is considered today to be one of the respected institutions of the private sector.  It has members in several manufacturing activities, including: food and beverage, apparel, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, petroleum and chemical products, as well as service companies such as maritime transport. These companies provide jobs to around 40,000 people. Since its creation ADIH has been involved in various advocacy efforts for investment promotion and industrial development, for instance the US HOPE and HELP legislations, which grant duty-free access to the US markets for clothes made in Haiti.  The association continues to maintain close ties with the Haitian Government and various international bodies such as USAID, IDB, ILO, and the EU Commission.   ADIH is a member of the International Organization of Employers (IOE).

  • Grameen Creative Labs/Yunnus and You Haiti

    Empowering Haiti through social business After the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, The Grameen Creative Lab and SAP AG initiated YY Haiti (Yunus & You Haiti) with the goal to set up the infrastructure for the creation of social businesses, providing a powerful tool that unlocks economic potential, helps solve social problems and helps the country to recover sustainably.  Through the implementation of this holistic and highly innovative regional development approach YY Haiti aims at invigorating the private sector sustainably and developing viable solutions to resolve long-standing social problems, while transforming the Haitian economy towards more financial independence (in contrast to short-term emergency relief and general charity).